Distance Acupuncture

These seminars explore the modern reality of Distance Acupuncture—that is, the ability to treat patients who are not physically in your presence. This approach utilizes multiple modalities, including Balance Method acupuncture, I Ching, Ba Zi, Meditation, and External Qi Gong to virtually treat patients in the location of their choosing, anywhere in the world.

When you consider the advantages of being able to treat more patients and the flexibility this offers both you and the patient, the upside is immense. Start with our 1-day Core Seminar then advance to the 1-day Advanced Seminar once you have mastered the basics.

Core Seminar (1 day)

The scientific support for Distance Meridian Healing and its role in the framework of Chinese Medicine

Using the Three Essentials/Ba Zi to determine a patient’s Energy Type

Overview of the Global Balance patterns that can be applied to Energy Types

Self-Cultivation techniques to enhance your connection with the patient’s Qi

Protocol—including communicating with patients, needling technique, retention time

Pitfalls to consider and avoid

Tips and tricks for integrating Distance Acupuncture into your practice.


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