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This class was recorded in September 2022.

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How to Integrate Various Balance Method Strategies

For many years Dr. Tan has shared his practical methods of treatments with thousands of students worldwide. Some of these include: Basics of the Balance Method, Global Balance, Eight-Extras Balance, 5-Element Balance, Seasonal Balance,12 Magical Points, Herbal Prescriptions, Scalp Acupuncture, Meridian-Conversion Therapy, Pulse Diagnosis and Master Tung’s Points.

This class will touch on all of these methods and what types of disorders are more suitable to certain methods. Most importantly Dr. Tan has discovered that modern-day diseases often have overlapping patterns which include both physical and mental/shen disorders. Therefore he feels many patients require a hybrid approach in which numerous strategies are combined in one treatment. This class was created so Dr. Eileen Han can help senior students who are skilled at his advanced methods and want to learn how/when to combine various treatment strategies. Dr. Eileen Han will discuss how it is important to still keep focus in each treatment so the treatment goal can be reached. Dr. Han will also discuss specific tonification and sedation techniques to help guide your treatments. This class will focus on practical knowledge and many case studies will be discussed. Dr. Han hopes that this will bring his advanced students to a new level of understanding which will extend into clinical practice. Dr. Han will encourage students to ask questions about their clinical cases and work in groups to devise treatments which will be discussed together.

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